Old town romance in the heart of downtown Jackson.

A Historic Building

Completed in 1916, the original structure was the home of Jackson's First Cumberland Presbyterian Church that replaced an earlier nineteenth century church of the same denomination. The facility was enlarged in 1966 under the supervision of architect Haywood Smith. In 1998, the building was abandoned to the elements, but after a construction process began in 2003, it has been restored and updated for modern use.

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The restoration process kept intact the historic architecture and design of the building, while adding modern conveniences like catering amenities and developing the lovely outdoor courtyard, garden and balcony. The large 2900 sq. ft space and eye-catching mix of classic grace and up to date modernity make The Aeneas Building a unique space for any public event. The two-story rear of the building is home to Aeneas Internet and Telephone, while the original church sanctuary and basement are used for public events. 

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The gardens of the Aeneas building are perfectly maintained. They offer a tranquil and beautiful experience to any who are able to visit. The garden houses a beautiful variety of flowers, and at the gardens there is something for everyone. There is a nice walking path throughout the garden.

The gardens originated in 1920, only a few years after the completion of the building. The flowers, which were brought from the homes of the members of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, were planted in a beautiful arrangement that symbolized the church coming together. However, when the building was abandoned so was the garden. It fell into a state of disrepair, but when Aeneas recovered the building, they also recovered the gardens.

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